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Vintage style jewelry is not only beautiful,they’re timeless pieces to own as well. But, shopping for vintage jewelry doesn’t always mean you have to hunt through antique stores. Today you can easily find vintage inspired jewelry made by contemporary designers. And these pieces definitely rival the real thing in both cut and style. Plus, you don’t have to worry about finding jewelry that is in good condition to wear again.


Lanie Lynn is where you will find vintage style precious metal jewelry for sale with a modern twist. There are over 5 distinct collections handmade and designed by Elena Schelich in New York City. This includes the Egyptian collection which showcases eye-catching ancient Egyptian symbols in gold and silver metals. Some of the pieces are highlighted with Egyptian style fans and accented with gemstones such as turquoise, smoky topaz and onyx.Another vintage style collection you’ll find here at Lanie Lynn is the Deco collection. This collection is inspired by the popular Art Deco era. The earrings, rings and necklace from this collection are made with metals such as rose gold plated brass and sterling silver.All of the pieces feature Decoera designs such as intricate filigree, clean lines, and geometric shapes along with dazzling stones.

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