Costume Jewelry : Buy Costume Jewelry Earrings Online : Lanie Lynn


As your jewelry collection grows throughout the years, don’t forget to add beautiful costume jewelry earrings. Why? Well, these statement-making pieces are great to wear with just about anything.  You can easily style these dazzling pieces with evening attire or with a relaxed daytime look. When it comes to shopping for costume jewelry pass by the big department stores and opt to buy quality pieces designed by a talented independent artist.

One place to shop for independently made jewelry is at Lanie Lynn. Here, all the jewelry is handcrafted and designed by Elena Schelich in New York City. There are over 5 stunning collections to browse through and find pieces you’ll love wearing for years to come. This includes the glimmering Spike collection which features vintage inspired earrings with an edgy finish. The earrings from this collection are crafted with precious gemstones such as onyx, citrine and pink quartz.  Each one of the earrings is finished with contrasting golden spikes. The Egyptian collection has a selection of bold earrings that are inspired by the symbols of ancient Egypt. This collection has earring jackets, necklaces and bracelets made from shining metals such silver, gold and rose gold. These pieces are also accented with several gorgeous stones including onyx, turquoise and topaz.

More Information Visit us : Earrings for Women


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