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With the right kind of accessories you can give a simple look an edgy, elegant or glamorous finish.  Jewelry is one small, yet stylish way you can revamp your style from season to season.  But, since there is a wide selection of jewelry to shop from online, it’s essential that you put quality over quantity when picking out jewelry for your collection. Instead of shopping at places that offer fashionable jewelry made with poor quality materials, shop at an independent boutique or designer brand. You’ll not only get uniquely designed jewelry, but high-quality pieces that were made to last.


Lanie Lynn is an online boutique where you’ll find unforgettable gold earrings for women  designed by Elena Schelich.  Explore through 7 collections with pieces that are modern with a vintage twist.  This includes the Door Knocker collection which has earrings, necklaces, rings and a cuff that features a seamless door knocker motif. The Egyptian collection has an impressive line of jewelry inspired by the ancient civilization.

It features gold and silver jewelry finished with an Egyptian style design and bold gemstones. While the Star collection has jewelry gold and silver earrings, rings and a cuff accented with shimmering stars. Each piece of jewelry is designed and handcrafted in New York City with high-quality metals and gem stones.

More Information Visit us : Earrings for Women


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